Air Condition Bed - The Concept

The invention is called an air conditioned bed as it integrates the air conditioning facility into a Bed.

It is a substitute of bedroom air conditioning. It solves two problems of conventional air conditioning.

One major problem of conventional air conditioning is huge power consumption. The air conditioned bed consumes about 1/4th equivalent of power as compared to a conventional room air conditioner.

Another problem is running an air conditioner during power cuts. Generally, most homes do not have a DG power backup in India. Normal battery inverter backup can run only fans and lights and not heavy loads such as air conditioners. The air conditioned Bed can run on battery inverter system back up.

These benefits are made possible by reducing the air conditioning space restricted to the Bed area only.

We have applyed for two patents and patent has been granted for one design. Another patent on improved design to be granted.

First Patent (No. 270064) Schematic Drawing


Video- Air Condition Bed
Application number – 72/DEL/2013