Inventions Factory (Concept Stage)

A multi-disciplinary Design lab and Workshop


  1. To become A Global Inventions & Research Center creating New Technologies for the Liberation of the Human Race from the drudgery of routine life, from sickness & poverty
  2. To enable all humans to reach their highest potential

Main activities of the Inventions Factory

  • 1. Take development work of Other businesses for their Product improvement/ innovation

    Any product manufacturer can seek radical innovative improvement in design of their products and out-source such activities to Kalpvriksh

  • 2. Inventions of new products/ innovation in existing products chosen by The KalpVrikshTeam

    • Innovation or improvisation in existing products
    • New Invention
  • 3. Support for Intellectual property development for Start-Ups

    • We can help in developing new patentable technology/ product.
    • We can apply for patent on the company’s behalf and help in acquisition of patent
  • 4. Providing access to creative Inventors to our Design Labs & Workshops

    • Innovators shall have access to the necessary infrastructure to convert their ideas to reality.
    • They shall also get help in getting patents and marketing their inventions
  • 5. Display of New Inventions and Technologies on the Kalpvriksh Website - Technology Gallery (&Technology Exhibitions at popular Exhibition Centers) Auction of New Inventions / Innovations technology these technologies

    • Here, any inventor who has developed anything Unique can display his/her invention for creating awareness among the public.
    • In case that the inventor does not have a patent, Kalpvriksh shall help the inventor get the invention patented.
    • Kalpvrikshshall from time to time, arrange Technology Exhibitions at popular Exhibition centers to create awareness for the technologies.
    • Kalpvriksh shall encourage investors to bid for such technologies that they find interesting.
    • In case that an invention finds a suitable buyer, the inventor, the owner of the intellectual property gets the royalty and other benefits so accrued while Kalpvriksh gets a small part of the commission.

Note : THE INVENTIONS FACTORY is presently at Concept Stage. Kalpvriksh is seeking Funds to be invested to Create a Technology Lab and Workshop in Reality

To Visit the Technology Gallery - Click Here

However, The Technology Gallery shall display promising new Inventions from Inventors across the Nation and even the World