Many Big companies around the world are working to develop the First Flying Car.  All of these are just a mix of a car, a plane and a drone.

They have no IDEA how a flying car should be. The First Flying car shall be the KalpVriksh Flying Car. The KV Flying Car (under development) shall have the following features

1. The KalpVriksh Flying car shall be powered by a revolutionary new technology.
Imagine millions of flying cars flying in a future city such as being developed by other companies that would run on fossil fuel engines. They will quickly make the city skyline Black. The KalpVriksh Flying car will not run on battery power either. Naturally, battery would make it too heavy to fly

2. The KalpVriksh Flying car 
shall be fully autonomous. Millions of flying cars in a city moving in 3 dimensional space cannot be controlled by humans.

3. The KalpVriksh Flying car shall be able to steer and change direction with a turning radius smaller than terrestrial cars.

4. The KalpVriksh Flying car shall be able to brake and stop in mid-air that presently no flying car prototype being developed can

5. The KalpVriksh Flying car can stop and hang in the air in case it develops a snag. It shall not fall from the sky killing its occupants or people below. It shall not only have the feature of hanging in air but also have the ability to be brought down slowly and safely

6. The KalpVriksh Flying car shall have excellent collision protection technology that prevents it from colliding with other cars or buildings.

7. However, in the very rare case that a KV Flying car does make a collision with another car or building, there shall be no severe damage to either the KV Flying car or to the other object into which the car collides.