Creativity On-Line Course

In this course, one can learn how to think creatively, solve problems and come up with innovative solutions, all at the convenience of one’s home

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Creativity Workshop

Most Creativity workshops generally focus on academic or fun aspects that may be good as entertainment or for teaching/training purpose. These are high on various theoretical aspects of creativity.

Workshops on creativity shall be conducted with the following philosophy that is target oriented.

  • a. What is the purpose of the exercise? Focus shall be on the issues at hand.
  • b. Any business would want to have a product or service that creates a differentiation or a niche for itself in the market. How can creativity make that difference.
  • c. Participants shall be guided to develop such innovative solutions. The ideas so generated could initiate a beginning to create a unique innovative product or service


  • 1. Creativity could be used to identify a totally new product /service that is allied to the main business of the company.
  • 2. Creativity could be used to improve the existing product or service that is far better and improved in quality and takes into account the customer complaints and feedback.
  • 3. Creativity could also be used to reduce wastage, improve productivity etc.

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