About Us

The idea of Kalpvriksh is born out of a yearning for Creation. Ever since I started my journey as an engineer, my passion was to create things, invent solutions to physical problems. Throughout my career, I indulged in tinkering with own inventions and innovations.

  • Air conditioned bed

    I have built a proto-type Bed air conditioner for demonstration at exhibitions and for interested manufacturers. (Unique benefits for users in power saving and ability to run on small battery power) Patent No.

  • Proto-type made for a cooling/heating blanket using thermoelectric modules.

    The prototype achieved cooling. However, the TEC modules overheated due to poor design of heat sinks and got damaged.

  • Proto-type for converting sea waves velocity to pressure head.

    The partial proto-type model could develop moderate head of a few metres. The flow passage must make use of Bernoulli’s theorem to convert velocity to pressure head that should be able to raise water to a reservoir at height. The same water can be made to flow back from reservoir to sea via hydraulic turbo-generators making electrical power.


In all my efforts, I found a severe lacking of necessary infra-structure in our country. Whether it is for creating a proto-type, displaying it to public, getting investors for commercialization it is always an impossible task

I am sure thousands of small inventors face similar problems in trying to create something with barely any support. This is where Kalpvriksh shall create the necessary infra-structure in the shape of the Inventions Factory

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This is an acknowledgment from NID about my participation at NID Designpreneuer


One shows an Invitation letter from the Incubation center under TREMAP at ITBHU that appreciates the potential of my Idea.